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Rural Skills Scotland was established with a view to provide high quality and professional training for the rural sector.


The not-for-profit sharing organisation is run by non-paid Directors with profits recycled back into the business. Collectively, the Directors have knowledge of the further education and rural sectors, SVQ delivery and assessment and are supported by a network of independent trainers and assessors who have extensive land-based sector knowledge.

Running the business this way allows costs to be kept to a minimum with savings passed on to our customers.


At Rural Skills Scotland, we have one main objective: to improve the training, education and work opportunities in the land-based sector in Scotland so that important rural skills are kept alive in order our man made landscapes and natural environment can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. Why? Simply because...


1. We listen
To landowners, local authorities, young people, colleges, parents and industry bodies. We’ve heard what puts people off a career in the rural sector and why employers needs aren’t being fully met. We’ve read (and also commissioned) research and we’ve analysed the findings. There’s no denying it - the land-based sector has changed: the number of young people entering the sector is decreasing and the qualifications currently available are not meeting all the requirements of rural employers. By listening to both the employer and the employee, we can work with partners to build bridges with education and training solutions that benefit both parties.


2. We understand
We have a wealth of experience in our team: experts in the public, private and education sectors and of course, the rural sector itself. We can therefore understand the issues facing rural employers and the gaps in education and training provision. We plan to do something about this. By using our knowledge, expertise and networks, we are implementing positive change effectively and quickly.


3. We develop
We are applying our skills and knowledge to develop rural skills solutions. Working with Scottish Land & Estates we are at the forefront of developing a brand new qualification.  The SVQ Level 2 Estate Maintenance is a work-based qualificaiton which is suitable for Estate or Agricultural workers who are employed and who wish to obtain a formal qualification. 


4 . We care
Scotland’s landscape makes it one of the most picturesque countries in the world. It’s an accolade we want to keep. In order to do so our landscape needs to be looked after and maintained, which is why we’re taking positive steps towards keeping Scottish rural skills alive.

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