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SVQ Level 3 Estate Management (SCQF Level 6)

Qualification Structure


The SVQ Level 3 Estate Management consists of 6 Mandatory Units, 2 Mandatory Optional Units and 2 Optional Units.


Mandatory Units (Candidates must complete all six units)


  • Identify and assess rural land use

  • Identify rural business enterprise opportunities

  • Provide leadership for your team

  • Communicate in a business environment

  • Consult and work with the local community

  • Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security

Mandatory Optional Units (Candidates must complete two of the following units)

  • Contribute to the prevention of rural crime on a sporting estate

  • Prepare for and maintain equipment and machines

  • Organise the maintenance and repair of property

  • Develop an awareness of environmental good practice


Optional Units (Candidates must complete two of the following units)


  • Develop a woodland management plan

  • Plan and evaluate for coppice management

  • Prepare for, and agree, emergency treework operations

  • Manage planted trees for their amenity value

  • Contribute to the management of forest and moorland fire fighting

  • Monitor and maintain the healthy growth of crops

  • Establish, monitor and maintain livestock within indoor accommodation

  • Establish, monitor and maintain livestock on outdoor sites

  • Produce, implement and monitor a farm environmental management plan

  • Set up and manage housing related agreements

  • Manage empty properties

  • Contribute to the management of game habitat

  • Contribute to the development of a sporting estate

  • Contribute to deer management planning

  • Contribute to the management of a fishery


How long will it take to complete?


On average it will take between 12 and 18 months to complete the qualification


Where will I study?


The qualification is work-based, with the majority of training taking place in the work environment. Performance, knowledge and understanding will be assessed in a number of ways including a personal portfolio of evidence and tutor observations.

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