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Activity Informed By Intelligence


We have good relationships with many industry organsiations including Forestry Commission Scotland, LANTRA, Scottish Land & Estates as well as organisations such as Fife Rural Skills Partnership. This means we have an exceptionally strong and varied network at our fingertips and many experienced voices to lend us their opinion.

Add to that the connections we have as a series of individual board members and we have an extremely healthy support system indeed! Our approach is a joined up one. This means that we value our peers experience and knowledge and use it with ours to be responsive to the demands of rural employers and to offer something different to other training providers. It also means that we can put these solutions under the right noses so that they come to fruition.


We’re also well connected with individual estates and agencies such as job centres, colleges and schools. So, when it comes to offering our solutions to potential rural skills candidates, we know who to talk to.

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